Experimental pop art

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…they called it “photo-wars”!

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That’s the new contest between Galavardi and Sunblock, which shall take place on the battle-court of Flickr!

An amateur yet experienced photographer (that is Sunblock) versus a benighted yet willing to learn beginner (that would be me you dumb :p )

The rules can’t get any simpler:

1. Same camera – Canon Power Shot S3 IS

2. No Photoshop – just plain photography

Feel free to comment!

I have a confession to make… I have a new love affair… with Hercules…

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I wish…

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…it would just be a fucking April Fool’s joke…


Easter bunnies

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awww…poor thing…

Sperm-hunt (?!)

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Anyone interested?
Source: NME

Urban is (not!) dead

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I hvnt posted anything for quite some time, simply coz there are very-very few things to attract my attention…
…well…till I found this hilarious site!!!
It’s all about “street talk” ‘n’ the rest!
It all started coz I was wondering how the hell the “I heart you” thingy resulted…
And here’s what I found:
(For more info on the particular entry click on the image)
So, here u go… I introduce u the screenshot.png