Helloz from Nott’m City

Well… 00:53 (local time)… And I’m feeling soooooo bored trying to write this first essay… What is this saying in Greek… “Boredom is the mother of all devilish actions…”!
So… In one year’s time this particular blog is going to celebrate it’s first and last birthday…(!)
My purpose is to record as many memories during my stay here…
(@ Nottingham…?! Like …duuuuh!)

Enough with this intro…
Riiiiiight… I wanna piece from all o’ ya in dis f-word blog! So grab your keyboards and start posting!!!



~ by galavardi on November 10, 2006.

2 Responses to “Helloz from Nott’m City”

  1. It might be that you are bored to write your essay, but there are also people out there -like myself-, who are trying to study for a stupid exam on Monday.

    Well, it all goes round in a vicious
    circle I guess; I am going to finish my exam in less than 3 days and you’ll hand in your damned essay!

    All that will be left afterwards and in times to come, is the entries in this blog…

    Being the first to write sth in here, I guess I should be glad! …Should I?

  2. …and that essay got no bigger at all yet…

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