As i was ‘surfin’ slap-happy…

…i stumbled upon ur latest posts. so i was scrolling down….and down….and down…. and i kept on seeing u with that silly smile in every picture half drunk half happy…and i was wondering…did u found ur personal Promised Land?? AND above all how do u feel withOUT little horns above ur head ??? Anyway, i kept on scrolling down and down…and i wanna meet Dally. Emma can u host me in Nottingham (plz say yes) and let me sleep in ur room (plz say no!!!)???? Anyway u cant avoid it…*starts packing things*….i know u want me to come there….*buying tickets*…. we are going to have an awe time….*at the airport*….we ll hung out together….*flying over the Atlantic*….we ll drink everything thats over 60% EtOH ….*landing on Heathrow*…..we ll puke together…. *reaching Nottingham residence*…..and then u can sleep at ur room and me in Dally’s…. *ringing ur doorbell*
-Hello!!! Is anyone in??? Will u let me in?? HELLO???? EMA??????
*awaits at doormat*

~ by galavardi on November 28, 2006.

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