Getting to know the…world(?)

Once more the one to blame is boredom…
Boredom forced me to create this space of liberate (?!) thoughts and put me into this endless concern to keep my blog decent and
And that stupid blonde’s joke was to blame, too… It made me wonder around in other people’s blogs… and all of a sudden I found myself sneaking and intercepting thoughts ‘n’ ideas ‘n’ all this work, but that was never enough… I kept on doing it almost every day, till one day I came across this topic “
Σταματήστε το ουέμπ να κατέβω“… And what was revealed, was a shock to me… Thoughts kept crossing my mind like a torrent…
When I posted the first words on my blog, I truly thought that all about blogging was fooling around, posting simple every-day stuff, sharing ideas in a simple tongue and creating a cute ‘n’ cozy little world full of memories in this chaos… But I guess I’ve been proved wrong…

Are things more serious in the first place? This so called “blog-sphere” looks like a huge net to me; which kinda frightens me, I have to admit… Maybe it’s just the unknown… Maybe it’s the feeling I’ve got, after the first shock, that blogging had turned into a competition or even a ruthless and cold-blooded race… I really feel small to get the meaning or even better the distinction between the “qualified blogger” and the “amateur blogger”…
Eventually, is blogging genuine and truly liberate?
Or the innocence ha
s gone for ever, even when hiding behind the cover of a keyboard and a screen?

{I need to apologize if the the whole text might seem inconsistent… It’s just that I feel confused myself…}


~ by galavardi on January 7, 2007.

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