In memory of Jack…

Remember Jack…? The missing but beloved member of the family…

I’m full of guilt, coz I could have done more to save his life…
I’ve recently found out in a site ways of preserving a Halloween pumpkin and keeping it from rotting!
And, trust me, this is far the most interesting and fun experiment I’ve lately read about… All the others are soooo boring…

So… comparing to all the means used for preservation (white glue, acrylic spray, vaseline, bleach, control and “pumpkin fresh”) control and “pumpkin fresh” seem to be the best!

Oh Jaaaaack… I wish I knew it earlier… I would have sprayed all over your semi-mold body… :p

If you’re interested of reading the whole experiment you can visit:

If you’re not interested specifically in that, it’s still ok to bother visiting the page… You can get answers to questions like “how many condoms can you wear at once” lolol (don’t try this at home!!!!!!!!!)


~ by galavardi on February 9, 2007.

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